Description - This is a new injection molded part. It is NOT 3D printed. Sabula Tech is taking extraordinary steps to make a brand new mold for the Jrx Team Losi models.

It should perform near identical to the original Losi A1003.

The new bulkheads have some small change in the design. Many areas are a little thicker in attempt to make this a stronger part than the original. We are making no guarantee on strength, but that is our goal.

There will also be “Sabula Tech” molded into the nose.

We don’t want to make this a lot stronger than the original or people will start to break their chassis. So we are also recommending people do not run any after marker front brace with this bulkhead. You want the bulkhead to break rather than the chassis or top braces since they will now often cost more than our new bulkhead.

Fits - Jrx2, JrxT, JrxPro, Junior, Junior T, LXT, JrxPro SE, GTX, NXT

If you have any feedback or suggestions about our parts please contact us.

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A1003 Front Bulkhead
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