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About our 3D Printed Parts

Our 3D printed parts are made from an extruded ABS plastic unless noted otherwise. We are currently printing in 7 different colors.

The parts are made by building thin layers of plastics on top of each other until the part is fully formed.

This also means that if a part is made in exactly the same dimensions as an injection molded part, it is roughly 10-30 percent weaker. The layers are actually causing the part to be slightly weaker.

The parts have a rough feel to them and are not smooth like the traditional injection molded plastics. You can sand the surface lines a little smoother with fine grit sand paper. To get a smooth shiny look you can thinly brush on acetone. The acetone also can act like a binder and bind the layers together even stronger.

Sabula Tech has no plans to make parts that are put under high stress conditions. Parts like suspension arms and front bulkheads are subject to extreme stress and would fail far easier than we feel our customers would want.

This may change as the technology changes. But at this time we will refrain from selling those type of parts.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about our parts please contact us.