Sabula Tech is unique in offering support and training during hours when people are most likely to be home, evenings and weekends.

Sabula Tech can support you Monday through Friday from 6pm to 10pm. 

Call Monday through Saturday to setup weekend appointments.  Sunday service is considered an emergency appointment and is a higher cost.


Get great Mac help

Sabula Tech is a highly experienced Macintosh® software support and training company in Rochester Minnesota.

With over 17 years of Macintosh support experience, you can trust Sabula Tech to provide you the answers you need to get the most from your Apple system


M-F 6pm-10pm

Sat&Sun by appointment





Support Offered:

Operating system repair and setup

Application repair and setup

Remote Access

Non-warranty hardware repair

Hardware upgrades

Home wireless setup

Printer setup

Training Offered:

Operating system

iLife® applications



iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®

*If you don’t see a service you need, just ask.

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Rates -

Mon - Sat     $50 per hour, charged in half hour increments, minimum charge of $40

Sunday    $85 per hour, charged in half hour increments, minimum charge of $65