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Sabula Tech and OLDRC.COM Pre-order PartStarter Fund

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$1,105 pledged of $5000 goal

Last updated - 3/30

days remaining

Cancelled, we are in the process of refunding money now. We ended now because there is no way we will make our goal. Thanks to everyone who helped us try. This won’t be then end but just a delay for a while.

Pre-order Items you can buy to help us reach our goal

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More Info

All money raised through the sale of these parts will be held until production of parts is complete. If the goal is not reached by April 30th all money for injection molded parts will be refunded. Stickers and screws will ship since those have already been made. You can request a refund at any time.

All these parts will be molded in Black and White plastic. We will also have other colors available by dying the white version different colors.

*Please do not put any other parts besides what you see here in your order. Other in stock parts included with these parts will be held until either April 1st, if goal is not met, or after production is complete on these parts.



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  1. 12/5/18           Site Launch

  2. 3/4/19           Extended deadline until April 30th. Anyone wanting refund before than can contact us for full refund. This will be only extension

  3. Writing is on the wall, not going to make goal. Cancelled!