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The Store

The OldRC Store is a service operated by Sabula Tech LLC


OldRC is located in Rochester MN.

If you would like to consign or sell products to, please send us a message.

Radio Control Hobby Liquidation and Bankruptcy services

Sabula Tech specializes in the liquidation of RC Hobby stores inventories in a quick effecient manner. Everything is handle with the utmost discretion. All inquires are kept confidential.

If you need help to clear out excess, old and discontinued inventory, Sabula Tech can help.

Sabula Tech can come into a location with barcode scanners and quickly inventory product for approximating value of business inventory assets.

Get help from people knowledgable in the RC industry and experience in RC product sales.

Normally bids are made for Sabula Tech to purchase remaining inventory. Arrangements can also be made for Sabula Tech to temporarily operate a business that is closing. Operating the business is usually an inefficent and cost prohibitve way of closing an RC Hobby store due to the nature of the industry.