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A1101 XX Front Bulkhead, Returns 2021

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Sabula Tech Front Bulkead, Pick Color

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**Discontinued Until 2021**

Exclusive new production Front Bulkheads for Team Losi XX. Made in the USA!

Available in natural white or many other colors.

Made from the exact same material as the originals. These new parts have an "ST" molded into the nose portion of bulkhead.

The new bulkheads have a small change in the design. The portion that the shock tower attaches to is set slightly farther back.

This change fixes an issue with the original design. On the original XX buggy towers the shocks would rub up against the shock tower and cause binding in the suspension. 

Due to this change the kick up on the front has been lowered by roughly 1 percent.

Owners may also notice that this causes the body to fit a little tighter on the body mounts. The body mounts are now a slightly farther apart. It will be noticed most by XXT owners. Our test units fit without alteration, but it is a tighter fit and holes may have to be enlarged depending on how the body originally fit.


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